Dream of: 08 November 2020 "Electrified Super Zombie"  


 A zombie apocalypse has taken place. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but it looks as if there..., it looks as if there's nobody left. There's only zombies out there. So, I'm fighting them. They're hard to kill. They're not like your normal zombies—they're kind of like electrified. It takes a lot of work to kill them, but... I gradually... First it looks like the place is devoid of regular people, but then I finally discover a few...over time, one here one there—until there's maybe a dozen of us, and we take up residence at a big house that we find. I'm thinking, I'm thinking we need to find a different place, but this one is satisfactory for the moment. So we band together there and work on killing zombies.

At one point, I'm sitting in a room with some other people, and there's a woman I've come to know... points to the floor. There's something to put a knife in and hang it on my belt. I already. I already have... I take my knife out of the one that I have and put it in this one. It fits much better. So, I'm glad to have it.

At one point, I'm in a room and this man walks in. He's a heavy-built man, wearing a white shirt and white pants. He's probably in his sixties. I immediately recognize that he's probably a person of authority from this group and I say, "Are you the leader?"

He doesn't say anything, but he sits down as if he wants to talk to me. So I sit down and start talking with him.

And then one day I..., we look up—there's a kind of like a road on the hillside right there beside our house and there's a long train of cars and I realize these are more normal people. Maybe it might be a hundred cars there. I hold my thumb up in the air to signify that we're normal people. They see us. Then they start coming down and we all join together and I'm happy to see them. I tell them I hope they're not going to take our house, though, but, I... it's obvious that they are. It's only our house and a couple others here. We're close to an airport which is on the other side of the houses.

They..., we all settle in together and continue fighting the zombies on a regular basis until one day I'm out in the battle area and I discover this..., I'm able to see this one zombie that's different from the others. He's like glowing on one side. I realize that he's like a super zombie. He's looking for something specific to increase his powers so he'll be a zombie..., a complete zombie on both sides. I can see that it's essential that we stop him from getting to a certain place where he will be able to absorb more power and continue the war against us.

Commentary of 10 November 2020

 I am currently reading "Der Prozess" by Franz Kafka and am still trying to dream about Kafka. Right now I am wondering about the similarity between the words "kafkaesque" and "zombiesque."  I like the sound of both words which could both be said to describe my state of mind sometimes.

zombies in dreams may

be a sign that part of your

mind's slowly dying

Picture: Photo of me, Steven Collier

Date: circa 1953-54


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