Dream of: 07 November 2020 "Raising Beef Cattle"    


 I am visiting the 368-acre Gallia County Farm which is now owned by my first cousin Ronnie (born in 1942). I walk around the green fields. I like it here. I see a couple dogs which apparently do not belong to anyone. One of them is a Dalmatian which looks just like my old pet, Picasso (1995-2009). The dog walks up to me and I pet it. I think I would not mind having it, but I do not want another dog. After I walk around a while, I realize the dogs are actually calves which are running around the fields.

Other people show up. Several of us enter a room together. My father (1932-2016) is also in the room. It turns out that an auction is going to take place to sell the calves. I think I would like to see the auction and I think my father would also like to watch the auction.

I finally sit down. Other men standing around the room sign their names to a paper which is lying on a desk. Four or five boys, who also want to watch the auction, walk into the room. I am starting to think that I might like to buy some calves. I start thinking that I might even like to raise some cattle up here on the Farm. There are no animals here and the grass is green. I think Ronnie would allow me to raise the cows here. I think I might just like to be a farmer and raise beef cattle. I know that this idea is contrary to my vegetarian beliefs and that the idea of raising cattle is horrendous to me, but raising beef cattle would be such a pleasant life.

After everyone has signed up, I think that the auction is going to take place. Suddenly, however, the entire room begins moving, as if the room is on the back of a truck. As we move along, I realize that the auction is going to be in another location. I had not realized this before. I do not know where the auction will take place and I think it might be all the way in Gallipolis.

My father is also sitting down in the room as we roll along. I do not know how long this is going to take, but I do not really mind. We pass by a creek with a wall constructed of hand-laid stones. I admire the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Commentary of 09 November 2020

 I am currently reading "Der Prozess" by Franz Kafka and am still trying to dream about Kafka. The hero of "Der Prozess: is arrested without being told the reason for the arrest. Of prime importance in the novel is the "question of "guilt." It occurs to me that the "question of guilt" is likewise of prime importance in many of my dreams—such as this one.

selfishly causing

others pain may be a prime

mover of karma

Picture: The Slaughterhouse Sun

Artist: Willem Bastiaan Tholen

Date: before 1931


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