Dream of: 06 November 2020 "Savannah, Florida"      

 I am watching a scene in which some boys are in a house where they are living. Although I do not realize it at the time, one of them looks like Kevin Arnold (a character from the television series "The Wonder Years"). Apparently the boys are going to a nearby school. All the boys live in this house.

I am in the kitchen, doing something, perhaps washing dishes, and observing what is happening. At the same time, I am not really here, but simply observing. I talk to the boy who looks like Kevin and he tells me that they are living in Savannah, Florida, which I think is in the region around Orlando. I think this is interesting because the first time I ever lived in Florida was in Savannah. It seems like quite a coincidence that that we are in Savannah and that is the same place where I once lived. I therefore relate to this place.

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