Dream of: 05 November 2020 "A Different Age"      

 I am walking along the 400 block of Chillicothe Street in downtown Portsmouth, Ohio. I am with a man and a woman. The man is carrying a baby girl (probably about a year old) dressed in frilly clothes. It seems like a different age sometime in the future or in the past. The street is crowded with people bustling around and bumping into each other. I ask the fellow which is bigger: Portsmouth or another Ohio town about which I am thinking. He says the other town is bigger. He says a book had been written about this same question. 

The crowd is so intense, I lose sight of the other two. I look and look for them, but I cannot find them anywhere. As I stand in front of a store, a pretty, brown-haired girl (around twelve years old) steps up to me and stands next to me on my left. She is wearing a long, heavy, gray, tweed coat. She is so close that she is touching my left arm. She starts talking to me. I rather like her company—at least she is someone to talk to. Another girl who is apparently her friend walks up and the two of them walk off together.

I continue looking everywhere for the man and the woman but I cannot find them. Obviously, they have walked off. I think, "That was stupid." I think they should have stayed right here until we found each other. I start walking farther away as I look for them. I know that we came here in a car, so I think I could go back to the car and leave a note for them. I think I would have to buy some paper and some scotch tape and a pen so I could leave a note instructing them that we could meet later at a certain time at the car. I hope they do not return to the car and take it because I do not know how we then would ever meet again.

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