Dream of: 02 November 2020 (2) "Three Rusty Nails"     

 I have gone to an office building where I have an appointment in an attorney's office. It seems as if I have been accused of something—some kind of crime. So I have to visit this attorney's office.

Before going up to the office, I stop in the lobby where a woman steps up to me and asks me to hold a cake which she has in her hands. I take the round cake which was apparently homemade by her. The cake is now to supposed to be taken up to this meeting on a higher floor.

However, I walk out of the lobby for a little bit and I start eating the cake. I bite off big mouthfuls of the chocolate-icing cake and I have soon eaten most of the cake. Now I am unsure what I am going to do. I cannot simply take the half eaten cake up to the office. I set the cake down.

I realize my pet Pomeranian, Sparky, is with me. Sparky and I end up outside the building in the midst of concrete highways all around and above me. I walk until I become lost and I cannot find my way back to the building. Sparky runs off so that I have to chase him and try to find him. I cannot find Sparky, but at one point I find three rusty nails on the sidewalk. I pick the nails up and hang them on a piece of shiny metal so they are hanging off the ground.

A police officer walks up to me and accuses me of doing something wrong with these nails. He says that I am going to cause someone to have a flat tire. I point out that I picked the nails up off the sidewalk, but he does not seem to pay attention to what I say. I can see the building I want to reach on the other side of the highways. I ask the police officer how to reach the building, and he tells me to go straight down the street in front of us and then turn left at the next intersection. It looks as if he might arrest me, but suddenly something happens and he runs off to attend to something else.

I follow the officer's directions but I continue to have problems finding the building. I once again look for Sparky until I find him. He is standing in front of me, but he will not come to me. I continue to chase him, but I cannot catch him.

Commentary of 07 November 2020

I finished reading "Cien Años de Soledad" around the first of November. I then immediately started reading "Der Prozess" by Franz Kafka. I never did dream about Gabriel Garcia Marquez during the month, although I have previously dreamed twice about him.  At the moment, however, I am concentrated on dreaming about Franz Kafka. I have already recorded 15 dreams in my lifetime in which Kafka has appeared or been mentioned. 

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