Dream of: 26 October 2020 "Hanging Out"    

 I am in the home of my old high school and college friend, Randy Ramey (1952-2008). He is an attorney and we are in a room which he has set up as an office. A couple other males, one of whom resembles another deceased friend from high school, George Musser (1950-1980s), enter the room. We are all probably in our late 20s. We hang out together.

The phone rings. Since Randy is busy at the moment, I pick up the black handset of the old-style phone and say, "Hello." A female voice asks, "Attorney's office?" I say, "Yes?" I realize I should have said, "Attorney's office," when I answered the phone instead of simply saying, "Hello." The woman does not say anything else. So I simply hang up the phone on the base. The phone rings again, and this time Randy—who is sitting in a chair close to me on my left—answers the phone and begins talking. It seems as if all four of us have a pending criminal case against us for a drug offense. I hope Randy does not say anything incriminating over the phone because I think the phone may be tapped. 

Seated in my chair, I pull a cover over my head. While I have the cover over my head, a young woman enters the room. Although I cannot see her face, I know that she is attractive. She sits down on Randy's lap with her back to him. From under the cover, I can see that she is wearing a dark dress, and I watch as she appears to pull down her under-garment beneath her dress. I can also see that Randy is pulling down his pants, and I wonder if he is going to have sex with her right here. It appears that he is.

I wonder what this woman looks like. Something about her reminds me of Lisa (a young woman whom I knew when I was around 20 years old). I know that I had sex with Lisa a few times, but I cannot remember if Randy ever had sex her. At any rate, I think I myself might be interested in this woman who is sitting on Randy's lap. I would at least like to know what she looks like.

While I still have the cover over my head, the fellow (the one who resembles George) stands up, taps me on the head, and asks, "What are you going to do this afternoon?"

I impatiently answer, "What does it look like?", implying that I am simply going to be sitting here this afternoon with this cover over me.

Commentary of 26 October 2020

I am currently trying to dream about the novel "Cien Años de Soledad"  which reads like a dream. For example, dead people appear in the novel the way they often appear in my dreams. 

ghosts may only be

able to commune with the

living in their dreams 

Picture:  Randy Ramey yearbook picture

Date: 1970

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