Dream of: 25 October 2020 "Insurance Policy"    

 I arrive at my Hilltop House and discover that the House has been damaged. I walk inside and discover droplets of water dripping from the ceiling throughout the House. A fine mist also permeates the air. Water is on the floor. Obviously, the roof has a problem. Even some of the walls are loose as if they are ready to fall in.

My father (1932-2016) shows up. We walk around inside and look at the damage. Finally, we walk outside to look at the roof. Obviously, a storm has blown the roof all over the place. I know that my old handyman Alfred recently fixed some loose shingles for me. Now I see that shingles are missing all over the roof. We walk around the House to the south side in front of the House and stare up at the roof. Suddenly, the wind hits the roof and almost the entire roof and shingles break loose, rise into the air, then crash back down. A big bump pushes the shingles up. The roof is ruined. I think this is Alfred's fault. I should bring him back up here and show him what has happened. When he fixed the roof, he did not do it correctly.  

My father and I walk inside. He is quite stoic. I would have expected him to be angry that I would have allowed this damage to the House, but he seems to take it in stride. He is not angry and seems mellow. I wonder if he thinks he may be somewhat responsible because he did not build the House properly when he built it. He is not overly excited or agitated about the damage. I myself feel awful about the whole situation. I think the House cannot even be fixed, it is so bad.

A fit fellow (probably in his 30s) shows up. He is a carpenter. He looks at the House and says that he can fix it. I know this is going to cost a lot of money. Fortunately, I do have the cash to pay for it. I might even put a metal roof on the House. I doubt that I will use metal, but the thought crosses my mind that I might put metal on the roof this time.

Suddenly, in a flash it occurs to me that I have insurance. I had completely forgotten about that. I have insurance on this House. It seems as if this is damage which should be covered by my insurance policy. I suddenly do not feel nearly as bad about the situation.  

Commentary of 25 October 2020

I am trying to dream about the novel "Cien Años de Soledad" which I  am currently reading. I seem to have a need to have some power over what I dream. If I were to become lucid in a dream, I would want to dream about this novel. This makes me wonder whether I should be first trying to incubate the novel, or whether I should first try to become lucid and then simply think about the novel in the dream.

think of when you stand

before the throne of god and

point at your life's work


Picture:  Living room of my Hilltop Home.

Date: 25 October 2020

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