Dream of: 21 October 2020 "God Is Near"    

 I am on a brand new, high speed, experimental train which is being tested. I am sitting in the engine with three other men. One fellow (who somewhat resembles Ed Bloemendall whom I met at the Dallas Zen Center in 1987) is sitting in a seat on my left while the other two men are sitting in seats directly in front of us. The two in front are the engineers while the person on my left and I are passengers. The engineer in control at the moment is sitting in the front left seat. Probably in his 40s, he has black hair and is wearing a white shirt.

We speed along the track when suddenly I see a wall across the track up ahead of us. I see some black writing on the wall but we are going so fast that I cannot see what the writing says. The idea is to stop the train before hitting the wall. The engineer puts on the brake and starts slowing down. When we are close to the wall, it looks to me as if the writing says, "God is near," along with some other writing.

 We come to a stop, then repeat the process again once or twice more, racing toward the wall, then slowing down just before we reach it. Other railroad cars are attached to the back of the train, but when we back up, the cars seem to be in front of the train. When the engineer starts backing up the last time, he begins going very fast, and the engine jumps off the tracks along with some of the cars which are in front of us.

When we stop, I become extremely angry and begin screaming at the engineer about how he was going too fast. He does not say anything and essentially ignores me. All four of us climb out of the train into a grassy area. A highway overpass is above us. As we stand around, I think we are going to have to help do something about this wreck. It looks as if the grass here needs cut and I think we may have to cut the grass. I think the other passenger and I may be hired to cut the grass. The other fellow says it looks as if the grass has already been cut, but I can see that the grass has only been partially cut and that it still needs to be cut. It turns out, however, that if we do work here, we will not be paid much and I am not satisfied with the low pay.

The other passenger has a red record album with him. I remember that he collects record albums. He lays the album on the ground. I look at the album which is inside a cellophane sleeve. The album is probably from the 1960s but in good shape. It has interesting artwork on the cover. I think I might like to have this album, but I do not say anything to the other fellow. I see that the name of the cover-artist is written in black letters on the front of the album. I like seeing the name there although I can not make out exactly what it says.

I walk around until I see something black lying on the ground. I see that the thing is a key ring with two keys and a little black device which I think might be a phone. I think I will pick up the keys and the device and try to figure out to whom they belong. I do not know how to find the owner but I think I might list the keys and the device on the internet. If the device is a phone, maybe I can use it to call the owner. I definitely would like to return the keys to the owner. 

Commentary of 24 October 2020

I am trying to dream about the novel "Cien Años de Soledad" which I am currently reading. Obviously, I did not reach that goal in this  dream. Maybe if I had taken over the train and crashed through the wall ...  

the creator of

the universe may also

create all our dreams 

Picture:  An N700 series shinkansen train at speed on the Tokaido Shinkansen with Mount  Fuji behind

Date: 3 January 2010

Author: tansaisuketti

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