Dream of: 16 October 2020 "Time To Go To Church"   

 I have decided to visit my aunt Jesse and her family. I go to the place where she lives and I end up going to her church. I walk in and sit down. Probably 40-50 people are here and they are preparing to have a service. I watch people enter the church. One man walks in and sits down next to me.

I begin feeling emotional. I know that I am a loner, but I feel a connection with these people. I am older now, and this church seems as if it may be someplace where I fit in. I start thinking that I might start coming up here regularly. Although the church is about an hour's drive from where I live, I nevertheless think I may begin attending church here. Belonging to a group like this is quite an emotional feeling. I did not think I would do something like this—it is not something which I have done in the past. Now, however, the time may have come.

Commentary of 22 October 2020

I have been incubating the novel "Cien Años de Soledad." It largely concerns "family," but has little to do with the "church." 

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