Dream of: 13 October 2020 "Looking For A Novel"   

 I am in a large library filled with many people. At one point, some people in a long line say a different word one after the other down the line. The words all fit together to convey a single message. When everyone stops speaking, I can tell that the fellow standing next to me wants me to leave because I have interrupted what they are doing.

I walk around the library. I have a desire to read some novels. I look around for a novel which I can sit down and read. I pass one shelf of books which contains old novels probably from the 1920s. All the novels have dust jackets. I see one novel which is about a super hero wearing a red uniform. I think the book with its dust jacket is probably a collector's item. I am surprised to see these valuable books here in the library and I think that someone could probably steal the books if they wanted. I myself would not steal the books, but someone might.

Finally, I walk outside. I reflect that I am on the campus of a university in a large city in Latin America. I live nearby. I know that I should stay on the university grounds and not stray off of it. I decide that today I am going to walk all the way around the perimeter of the university. I begin walking.

I soon realize that I have strayed off the campus and am now walking around the city. I clearly see that I am in a poor, rough area of the city. I think I could turn around and return to the university, but I think I know what I am doing and I continue walking. Soon, however, I realize that I am lost.

I know this is a dangerous area, but I nevertheless continue walking. I look for a taxi but do not see any. Finally, I encounter a man and begin talking with him in Spanish. He is wearing a light-brown tee shirt. He is probably around 30 years old and I am probably in my 20s. I want him to help me. I know that I have some money in my billfold in my pocket—a bunch of 20s and a couple one hundred dollar bills. I ask the man why there are no taxis. He says something about a "football game" and I conclude that the taxis are all at the football game.

I ask him to help me and he starts leading me around. We pass through a run-down area until I finally see a river which runs through the city. I think I might be able to use the river as a landmark to help me determine where I am. The fellow points out what appears to be a carnival area which does not look safe to me. As the fellow and I continue walking, I look away from him for a minute, and when I look back, I realize he has abandoned me. I am left completely alone.

I become frightened. I now feel extremely uneasy. I encounter an older man who is probably in his 60s who says something to me in English and we start talking in English with each other. I can tell that he is going to help me. I inadvertently touch one of his arms which I notice seems flaccid without much muscle. He seems helpful and we continue walking together.

I can finally see the university up ahead and I think I am going to make it out of this predicament. I think I may give the man $20. Now, however, I feel so grateful for being helped out of this frightening and stressful situation, I think I may give the man a couple hundred dollars. I think the man may have saved my life, so it is worth it. I am still uneasy and stressed, but at least now I think I am going to make it back to the university.

Commentary of 21 October 2020

I have been incubating the novel "Cien Años de Soledad" which I have been reading and listening to in Spanish. It takes place in Latin America. This is the first time I have ever tried to incubate a novel and I have to say that it is definitely an enlightening and pleasurable experience. I am beginning to think that all dream incubations are successful even if you do not specifically dream about the thing you are incubating.

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