Dream of: 10 October 2020 (2) "Thinking Of Flipping A House"   

 I am looking at an attractive, ranch-style house which a male realtor is showing me and which I am thinking of buying. The house probably has four bedrooms and is in very good shape. It is connected to other houses on the two sides of the house.

The price seems right. I am not planning to live here. I only plan to buy the house and resale it, although I would not mind living here—it is such a nice house.

While we are in the kitchen, the realtor looks at a picture which is supposed to be of this house, but I tell him that he has the wrong number. He is looking at a picture of a different house. I show him a different picture which has a different number and I show him the spot here in the kitchen from which the picture was taken. This is a correct picture. He realizes that he has been reading the wrong description of the house and looking at the wrong picture. This little mistake does not change anything.

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