Dream of: 04 October 2020 "Trying To Escape"  

 Another fellow and I are being held prisoner on a huge ocean ship. We are only permitted to be on the area around the perimeter of the ship on a space on the raised railing. I see another, black, extremely long ship pass by us and I realize the ships are much bigger than they used to be.

After we have been here for quite a while, I realize that we could climb down the outer side of the ship. We climb down the ship to the bottom. I thought that water was down here, but now I see that we are able to jump off onto solid ground which only has a slight covering of water on it.

As soon as we are standing on ground, I see a huge, metal wall in front of us. I see a door in the wall which we could pass through, but I understand that men with guns will shoot us if we go on the other side of the barrier. I am surprised when a woman walks past me and goes to the other side of the barrier—nothing happens to her.

I am unsure exactly how we can get out of here. I am beginning to wonder if people with guns are really around here.

Commentary of 04 October 2020

I am concentrating on dreaming about the book "Cien Años de Soledad." The setting of the book is a town named "Macondo" in the jungle of northern Colombia, isolated in the beginning from the world. When I am reading the book, I am sometimes able to vividly imagine the scenery in the town, but not to the same convincing degree that I am able to imagine scenery in my dreams.

if you can dream of

escape it is not too late

to make your escape 

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