Dream of: 01 October 2020 (2) "Causing A Wreck"  

 I am out one night and meet this fellow. We are both probably in our 20s. We go to a bar and have a good time. We ride around in a car. In the process, he throws out something from the car which lands on the road.

We go to another bar and continue to have a good time. We each meet several women at different times during the night. Three different times we take women back to a room and have sex with them. He has his women and I have mine. I am glad to see the other fellow having sex with the women just like I am, so I can confirm that he is not gay. After all, I only met the fellow tonight, and he could be homo for all I know. His having sex with the three different women during the night confirms for me that he is not gay.

We continue to have a good time, until it turns out that the thing which the fellow threw out of the car later caused a wreck. We see the scene of the wreck. A piece of cloth (the thing he threw out of the car) is wrapped around the front bumper of the wrecked car. The wreck was obviously cause by the piece of cloth.

The fellow and I return to a bar where some rough-looking fellows have figured out that we caused the wreck. They attack us. We escape and a chase scene follows. These fellows (also probably in their 20s) pursue us down a road until we finally slip away from them.

The fellow and I go to another bar. We hang out here and learn to know the people here. Gradually, the fellows who had been chasing us show up at this bar. Now, however, the other fellow and I are friends with the people in this bar and we now have support. Finally, it appears that a huge fight is going to break out between the two sides.

I reflect that this has been a raw and raucous night.

Commentary of 01 October 2020

So tonight, I am going to concentrate on incubating the Colombian novel "Cien Años de Soledad." Actually, I am not reading the book, but am listening to it on YouTube. I listen to it in Spanish and I can understand about 90% of what I hear. I have read most of the book before. The audio book is about 18 hours long and since yesterday, I have so far listened to about 20 minutes. It is a story about seven generations  the Buendia family in an imaginary Colombia from around the middle of the 1800s to the middle of the 1900s.  

I intend to incubate this book every night until I finish it.

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