Dream of: 01 October 2020 "Hand Passing Through Billfold"  

 I go to visit Wayne (in his 40s) at his house. I actually own the house and am allowing Wayne to live here. Michelle (in her 30s) is in the house. She may even have come to the house with me. As I am sitting in the house, an unfamiliar woman (probably in her late 30s) walks into the room. Her large breasts are hanging out over the top of her shirt. I stare in surprise at the breasts, unconvinced that they are particularly attractive. Finally, instead of looking at her in person, I feel as if I am only looking at a framed picture of the woman hanging on the wall. I then notice two more similarly framed pictures of similar women on the wall.

I begin talking with a different, black-haired woman, when I suddenly realize that my billfold is missing. It seems that I was ostentatious when I first entered the house and I showed off to other people here that I had money in my billfold. I am now convinced that the black-haired woman obviously took notice of my billfold and I feel certain that she is the one who took it. Now, I am not sure what to do.

I finally see my billfold lying close to me, but it only looks about half as thick as it was when I came. Obviously the black-haired woman has helped herself to half of what I had in the billfold. She has almost emptied it out, but at least some money is still in the billfold.

I reach out to grab the billfold and am amazed when my hand passes right through it. I try several times to grab my billfold, and each time I am unable to do so—my hand goes through the billfold every time. Finally, I no longer see the billfold, and at some point, I also realize that my keys and cellphone are missing. I know that I have three credit cards in my billfold with money in the bank for each card and that I immediately need to cancel those credit cards. Now, however, I realize that I cannot even call the banks because my phone is missing.

I think perhaps Michelle can help me retrieve my possessions. I can see, however, that Michelle is standing on the other side of the room and looks unconcerned. I know that she obviously is not going to help out.

I finally talk to Wayne and I tell him that he has to do something to retrieve my possessions from whoever took them. He is noncommittal, too. I threaten him that I am going to take the house back if he does not do something to get my stuff back. He basically ignores me.

Another man walks up and points out that my phone is lying close to me. I see the phone and pick it up. I can see that it is now damaged and is not going to function. At least I have retrieved the phone, but I am obviously not going to be able to use the phone to call anyone for help.

I am distraught. I think someone could drain my bank accounts if I do not do something about this immediately.

Commentary of 01 October 2020

Last night I incubated the movie "Interstellar." It was the last day of my commitment to incubate dreams about movies for 30 days. So that is finished. This dream perhaps represents some of the confusion which "Interstellar" generated in my mind about the nature of the universe. Some aspects of my life are likewise in confusion. The movie seems like an appropriate ending for that little movie-incubation episode. I definitely intend to try movie-incubation again. For the moment, however, I am moving on to a different incubation.

Tonight, I am going to concentrate on incubating the Colombian novel "Cien Años de Soledad." I intend to incubate this book every night until I finish it. I have never incubated a novel like this. I am confident it will prove interesting.

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