Dream of: 28 September 2020 "James Joyce Story"  

I am practicing being an actor in a play based on a short story written by James Joyce. In the play, two male prisoners are transported to a prison where two female prisoners want to have sex with them. I am acting as one of the male prisoners. The whole scenario does not please me and even seems a bit repulsive. I am unsure how well I am going to be able to act in a role which displeases me. I feel as if I should take my personal feelings into consideration when acting.

Commentary of 28 September 2020

Yesterday, I incubated the 2014 movie, "Interstellar." This is a movie about space travel between galaxies. Just as the movie is fiction, so my dream is fiction. Neither happened in reality. Intelligent beings were necessary to create the movie. I have to believe that an intelligent being was necessary to create my dream. I have intense difficulty believing that the intelligent being who created my dream was I myself.

Tonight I am going to incubate "Interstellar" again.

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