Dream of: 22 September 2020 "Intergalactic Space"  

I am thinking about distance in terms of intergalactic space. I think of the phrase "a long time ago in a galaxy far far away." I wonder how someone could determine how far galaxies are from each other. I think that a new term might be more appropriate than the present use of "light years" to measure the distance between galaxies.

I think about the Milky Way Galaxy and how to determine the distance to the nearest galaxies from the Milky Way. I think about the Andromeda Galaxy because I know that Andromeda is the nearest large galaxy to the Milky Way. I think I could use the distance of Andromeda from the Milky Way as a unit for measuring distance. I think the distance from the Milky Way to Andromeda is 1.9 million light years. I think I could round that up to 2 million light years. I then decide I could use the distance of 2 million light years as a single, standard unit for measuring distance in intergalactic space. Thus one unit would equal 2 million light years.

I think I could then imagine a sphere with a radius of 10 units with the Milky Way as the center. I would like to then develop a picture in my mind of what large galaxies exist within a radius of 10 units from the Milky Way. I would like to have in my mind an image of the Milky Way at the center of a sphere which stretched out for a radius of 10 units, and all the large galaxies which exist within that sphere.

Commentary of 22 September 2020

Last night, I incubated the 2013 German film "Die andere Heimat." It tells a story of life in Germany in the early 1840s. The central character is a young man who wants to expand his knowledge of the earth and the people who live on earth, somewhat the way that I want to expand my knowledge of nearby galaxies in this dream.  

vast spheres of knowledge

lie within the miniscule

limits of one's mind

Picture: Triangulum Galaxy, the second closest large galaxy after Andromeda to the Milky Way

Credit: ESO 

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