Dream of: 21 June 2020 "Meeting In The Basement" 

I have met a thin, black-haired woman (probably in her mid 30s) in Europe. Although our relationship is only platonic, I have developed a deep and satisfying affection for her. I have decided to look up her family tree and I discover that Donald Trump is in her tree. I look at Donald Trump's family tree and discover that Fred Trump is Donald Trump's father. I am confused about how Donald fits into the woman's tree — whether he is the woman's father, grandfather, or someone else.

The woman comes from a "dark" country which is reminiscent of some place in the eastern block of cold-war countries in the 1900s. I only see her from time to time over a long period of time. She has boyfriend (who has characteristics of Green Lizard, a certain malevolent internet dream journalist whom I know). When the woman and I see each other, we have to be careful that the boyfriend does not know about it.

I have not seen her in quite a long time when I see her one day — dressed in a gray suit — out on the street, and we begin talking. We are both concerned that her boyfriend might see us since he is somewhere here in the neighborhood. I am beginning to think that she may be starting to realize that I am the person with whom she needs to be instead of her boyfriend. My affection for her has grown substantially. All the while, I am still wondering about her ancestry.

She wants to show me something and wants to go somewhere private. She leads me into a nearby building where we descend some stairs into a dark basement where we can talk. I feel a bit uneasy down here, but follow her into the basement anyway.

Commentary of 21 June 2020 

Some people seem to think that dreams can lead the world to sanity. I happen to be among them.

trustworthy friends are

most easily found by those

who can trust themselves 

Photo: Former Eastern Bloc area border changes between 1938 and 1948.

Credit: Mosedschurte


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