Dream of: 20 June 2020 "Outdoor Theater" 

I am sitting amid a crowd of people in what appears to be an outdoor, semi-circular theater. As I look around at the people, I notice that one section of people appears dark, as if something ominous has happened in that area. I stand up and walk to that area. I see that the people in that area seem to be injured — maybe burned. Some of them appear to be stuffed together into a box. No one, however, seems concerned. I am unsure, but it seems as if the problem can be fixed. Neither I nor anyone else is concerned about these particular people.  

Commentary of 20 June 2020 

In conjunction with an internet dream group to which I belong, before I went to sleep last night, I focused my thoughts on "global healing" with the other members of the group. It seems like a circular amphitheater might be a good place for people to meet and concentrate on something like that.

let not the dark fate

of your fellow man distract

your concentration  

Photo: The great theater of Epidaurus, designed by Polykleitos the Younger in the 4th century BC, Sanctuary of Asklepeios at Epidaurus, Greece

Credit: Carole Raddato 

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