Dream of: 19 June 2020 "Unprotected Possessions" 

I am on the 386-acre Gallia County Farm (sold in 2016). I am walking in the green yard outside the Farmhouse. I am concerned because I see many, long, cardboard boxes filled with my comic books sitting around on the ground outside. I also see dark clouds in the sky from what appears to be an approaching storm. Although the individual comics are protected by clear, plastic bags, I fear the comics will still be damaged by any rain. Besides, the cardboard boxes will clearly be ruined by water. I think I need to take care of the comics immediately.
I pick up something from the ground. It is chrome-colored and about three centimeters long. I quickly see that the thing consists of five or six small, distinct pieces of something which have been fused together. I finally recognize the pieces as being parts of the engine of a model car kit which I owned in my youth. Obviously, the original model car has somehow been destroyed, and these fused pieces are of no good now, but I still find the piece interesting to look at, and I hold onto it.
Obviously, everything I had here on the Farm is being destroyed. I think that I at least need to take care of the comic books before they are destroyed. As I stand at the bottom of the hill in back of the Farmhouse, I look up the hill toward the boxes sitting outside the Farmhouse, and I think that I need to find one box in particular of the comics. A fellow standing near me points up to some boxes which are sitting under a large tree and indicates that those are the particular boxes for which I am searching.
Commentary of 19 June 2020
An intellectual entity other than myself creates my dreams. Besides that, I am not even my normal self when I am in the dreams — I am usually someone with a different set of memories and beliefs from my waking life.
the intransigence
of time laughs in the face of
worldly possessions

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