Dream of: 14 June 2020 "Dangerous Road Trip" 

I am on a road trip with my old friend Randy Ramey (1952-2008). Randy (whom I first met in 1967 when we were in the tenth grade) and I have pulled over on the side of the freeway and I am on my back looking up under the car, perhaps to hide something. When I crawl back out and stand up, I find that a state highway patrolman has confiscated a small amount of marijuana from Randy, and then has let us go. I later remark on how fortunate we were to be allowed to leave because we had a duffle bag in the trunk with perhaps a pound of marijuana in it. I marvel at how unusual it is for someone to be detained in a car for possession of a small amount of marijuana and then not have the entire car searched. Clearly at the point of finding the small amount of marijuana, the arresting officer would have had probable cause to search the entire car, including the trunk. It's hard to understand why that did not happen in this case.

Commentary of 14 June 2020 

Every dream contains a beneficial message. The message here seems to be, "If you are given a second chance, do not make the same mistake twice."


blessed are those who are

forgiven for their many

mistakes of the past


Photo: Illustration from the Vienna Dioscurides. Arabic words at left appear to be qinnab bustani قنب بستاني or "garden hemp"

Date: circa 512


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