Dream of: 13 June 2020 "Handling A Heavy Sword"  

I am living in a time when swords are used as weapons (perhaps the 1600s). I have taken lessons and learned how to handle a sword. I am now aware of just how heavy a sword is, and I can handle even a heavy one. I have become so proficient, I have even given lessons on the use of the sword.

I have undertaken the task of protecting a young woman (probably in her early 20s). She has also been using a sword, but is still not proficient. I am concerned about the safety of the woman in the place where we are staying and I think I need to make sure that the place cannot be broken into.

The security of the place where we are staying seems related to the security of the region where we are staying. We seem to be in the area where Italy and France meet. I have a vision of an elaborate and colorful old map and I focus on looking at the jagged line of the border between Italy and France on the northern Mediterranean.

Commentary of 13 June 2020

Heeding the messages hidden in dreams is most certainly a path to enlightenment. 

and the heavy mist

will evanesce for those who

learn to meditate


Photo: Map of Europe from the Blaeu Atlas, 17th century

Credit: John Blaeu

Public Domain


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