Dream of: 12 June 2020 "Black Man In The Basement"  

I am in the dark, bare, one-room basement (approximately 7x10 meters ) of a towering building owned by my father (1932-2016) in Belgium. Except for an old wood-burning stove at one end, the basement is completely empty. Even though it is dark down here, I still am able to see.

Since the basement is empty, I think maybe my father can rent it out. I know that a college is nearby. I think my father could rent this basement room out for $100 per month to a college student. I think the large, dark, wooden beams in the ceiling could be painted white to brighten up the place.

A black man appears. There is not much to see, but I show him around the basement.

Then I walk back upstairs to see my father who has offices on an upper floor. A military person shows up and he is looking for the black man. It turns out that the black man is an important person whom the military is trying to track down. Now two military personell are present and they suspect that I know where the black man is.

The one dressed in a light green uniform is obviously an officer (probably in his 50s). He steps up close to me as I sit in a chair in front of him, and he pushes against me as if he is trying to hold me here and prevent me from leaving. I have not yet told him where the black man is, although I am willing to do so. I do, however, take offense to the way he is treating me by pressing up against me. I finally say, "I know where he is," and the officer finally says, "Let's go."

I stand up and walk with him down a hallway. I am willing to give him the information, but I do not like the way he is treating me. I ask him, "Am I under arrest?", but he does not answer me. We descend from an upper floor to the first floor where we walk through a retail store. When the officer puts his hands on me, I say, "You just assaulted me."

I am becoming angrier and angrier at this military-type person as he marches me toward the door. I think I need the police and I try to think of what to do next. I say, "I need the police." I am thinking of screaming as loud as I can, "I need the police!"

Commentary of 12 June 2020

The basement in this dream reminds me of the underground railway which ran through my little pre-bellum town of Portsmouth, Ohio where I have a notion that slaves escaping from across the river in Kentucky would find temporary shelter in dark basements.

At some point in my dreams, police came to seem more like angels than demons. Yet I still seem to have grave suspicions about the military, even though I sometimes feel like a warrior myself.  

slavery to your

earthly vices keeps you from

knowing who you are

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