Dream of: 10 June 2020 "Military Exercise"  

  I am lying in bed on the second floor of a two-story house. I am waking up. I recall that I awoke earlier, then went back to bed. My father (1932-2016) and my mother (1931-2015) are downstairs. It seems as if my mother has been living for a while in this house, but my father only recently moved in.

While I am lying here, my old high school friends Steve Buckner (1952-2012) and Mike Walls show up. They are probably in their early 20s. As they walk around the room, I think I need to stand up. I see some of my money lying around the room. I see what is probably a $1 bill, and then I see a folded stack of 20s and 50s. I point out the stack to Mike, who picks up the stack and sticks it in his pocket. I do not like that. I do not think that Mike would steal from me, but he might walk off and forget he even has the money in his pocket.

They find an orange pill bottle similar to the one I have for my prescription of methylprednisolone. They look at the bottle. They are thinking about smoking some marijuana. I still cannot force myself to stand up out of bed, but I know I do not want to smoke any pot up here while my parents are downstairs because they might smell it.

I reflect that I am in control of the entire second floor. I figure my father is surprised that I have friends up here and am making noise. One of them puts a 33 rpm record on my record player and the music starts. I think that I am going to have to soon stand up from bed.

In my mind, I envision myself rising from bed. I will walk outside and I will feel strong and healthy. Men who look like soldiers in green fatigues will be outside and I will join them. We will train together. One of the exercises we do consists of sitting in the bucket of a catapult and being flung into the air. I will do that this morning when I finally stand up. 

Commentary of 10 June 2020

I hate war yet sometimes I think of myself as a warrior.

stand up and fight for

the truth and enlightenment

of  your sleepy soul


Picture: Medieval catapult, Mercato San Severino, Italy

Credit: Clarinetlover, 2012
Public Domain

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