Dream of: 09 June 2020 "Low Level Floating"  

  I am at a gigantic wedding taking place in an enormous hall with a ceiling as high as a cathedral. People are dressed in fine clothing. I see some of my relatives here, but I do not feel connected with these people. As I walk around the hall, I decide I would like to float into the air. I reflect that people usually do not pay any attention to me when I float in public. I anticipate that no one will pay any attention to me here, but I am going to do it anyway.

As I walk across the floor, I begin rising off the ground. I concentrate my will as hard as I can, but I do not rise as fast or as high as I want. I have to concentrate just to stay afloat.  Although the ceiling is very high above me, I only rise about ten feet off the ground. My floating is not spectacular, but nevertheless I am able to stay in the air, and I even feel a tinge of holiness by being in the air.

As usual, no one pays any attention to me — except for one fellow (around 20 years old) who seems as if he may be my cousin, although I do not feel connected with him either. He starts talking to me about what I am doing and says something about a "trick," as if I am not really floating, but merely performing a trick.

I tell him that it is no trick. Even though I myself am not sure of the significance of my ability to float, I know that what I am doing is real, and I say something to him about how a person can tell if something is real. I try to compare the reality of my floating to the truthfulness of stories and I say, "All the stories are true ..." Then, as if to explain that the reality of floating can only be comprehended at a certain point, I add, "You never know until you reach a certain place in the story."

Commentary of 09 June 2020

I know it is time to prepare for the day when my soul will leave my body, but I enjoy living so much, I continually procrastinate the preparation.

concentrate your mind

on composing the story

of your mystic life 

Picture: Ascension

Credit: John Singleton Copley, 1775

Public Domain

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