Dream of: 08 June 2020 "Baby Pandas"  

 I look out onto the wooden front deck of my Hilltop Home and notice about an inch of white snow covering the deck. I notice that two small animals are on the deck, and when I look more closely, I realize that they are baby pandas. As I stare at them, unsure what they are doing there, I recall that I have seen these pandas before. I am surprised to see them again. It looks as if they have been abandoned. I think I may bring them into the house and try to save them. I hesitate to do that however, because I think if the mother returns, she may try to break through the glass doors or windows on the front of the house.

I wonder where the mother is. I look to the left on the ground in front of the deck and I see a black animal with brown traces. It does not look like a panda. I look closer and realize the animal is a medium-size dog (probably a Rottweiler). It is wearing a collar and looks as if it is injured. I see two more medium-size dogs close to it. One of the other dogs has long, blonde hair.

I still do not see the mother panda anywhere. I look off to the right in front of the deck and I see a large animal which I think may be the mother, but I am uncertain because she is black with no white. She hobbles along and looks as if she has been injured. I conclude that she has been attacked by the dogs and may not survive. I contemplate protecting the baby pandas from the dogs which will probably attack the babies next. I think I should probably fetch my luger. I think I should become involved in this drama, although I am not exactly sure how.

Commentary of 08 June 2020

Domesticated animals are the bane of the world's disappearing wildlife.

protecting the weak

and defenseless sometimes

becomes a duty

Picture: Close up of a cute baby 7-month old panda cub in the Wolong Nature Reserve in Sichuan, China.

Credit: Sheila Lau.

Public Domain

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