Dream of: 03 June 2020 "Winterlicht"    

I am in a store which seems somewhat like a classroom. Other people who are involved in various subjects are also in the room. I am standing at the counter and looking through a stack of pieces of old sheet music which are lying on the counter. I see one copy of sheet music which has someone's social security number written in pen on the front. I make a comment.

A person in charge of the store walks over to me and asks me what I am talking about. Holding the sheet music in my hand, I say, "Das Winterlicht."

I quickly change what I say to "Die Winterlicht" because I believe "Winterlicht" is a German feminine noun and therefore takes "die" instead of "das." I believe "Winterlicht" means "Winter Light" in English.

Commentary of 07 June 2020

The answer to the riddle of the meaning of life may be brought into focus in dreams.

the light of winter

is shorter and more precious

than that of summer

Picture: Cover of sheet music for "On A Moonlight Winter's Night", 1902

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