Dream of: 01 June 2020 "Analyzing A Dream"    

I am in a classroom with some other students. We are sitting at a cafeteria-like table — four people are on my side and two people are on the other side. The class is about dreams and is being taught by a woman (around 50 years old) who is standing down at the end of the table. She has given all of us two or three written dreams which we are supposed to exam by using certain criteria.

Everybody has already read the dreams and a couple students make comments about one dream in particular. The teacher then says something like, "Ok. That takes care of that."

I object to her ending the discussion like that because I think the comments made by the other two students seem very superficial, the way people might typically examine a dream. Thinking that they have not sufficiently analyzed this dream, I jump up and blurt, "Wait!"

I then point out that the "criteria" do not apply to this dream. For example, I know that one of the criteria of the dream has something to do with "President Harding." I make the comment that President Harding does not even appear in this dream. It does not seem to me as if President Harding has anything at all to do with this dream. I think that people are completely missing the point of what this dream is about.

Commentary of 05 June 2020

The best criterion when analyzing a dream is to realize that all dreams have a beneficial message. This rule may in fact not be true at all, but it seems like the best one to follow anyway.

the secret of life

may be discovered hiding

in visions and dreams

Picture: Portrait of Warren G. Harding, 1922

Credit: Edmund Hodgson Smart

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