Dream of: 28 May 2020 (2)"Avoiding A Citation"    

I am inside an old, wooden, one-room garage which does not belong to me, but is a place which I can use. I have some vanilla files and typed papers which I spread out and go over. As I look among the papers, I glance into a suit case which belongs to me, and I find an empty, plastic syringe with no point on it.

A policeman appears and walks around the garage. I realize that I intended to pick up all this stuff before I left. I am afraid the police officer may think that I was going to leave this stuff here. I tell him that I intend to pick up all my stuff in the garage.

As he walks around the garage, I realize that I have been here a couple times before and that I left some trash here and did not pick it up before I left.

I see that some of the files are for bankruptcy cases where I represented the debtor, as well as other old files for other matters. I am afraid that the officer is going to find my name on something here and accuse me of trashing this place because my name will be proof that some of this trash belongs to me.

I decide to pick up all the trash here. I begin putting the trash in plastic sacks and bags. I am unsure how I am going to take the trash out of here because it seems as if I am on a bicycle. Nevertheless, I do manage to clean up all the trash and take it outside.

When I finish and walk back into the garage, I find that the cop is still here.

A second fellow shows up. I am unsure if he owns this place, but he is clearly involved with the building. I say, "I got everything taken care of."

He answers, "Yea, except for the citation."

I realize that he thinks that the cop wrote me a citation. He walks over and picks up a pile of papers which he thinks have something to do with the citation. The papers have words written on them, but I know that I have not been given a citation.

The cop appears again. Now I notice that some trash is still on the floor. The cop says something about how I have not finished the job. I quickly start picking up the rest of the trash. I do not think the cop is going to give me a citation, but I am still unsure.

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