Dream of: 28 May 2020 "Pictures From Algiers"

While I am sitting at a desk, someone walks in and sits down across from me. As we talk, I pull out a large, bulky envelope which has the word "Algiers" written on it because the envelope has been mailed from Algiers. I tell the person across from me that I am going to show them something. The bulky envelope has something stiff inside, although I have no idea what it is. I conclude that the envelope might contain pictures. I open the envelope, and, sure enough, color pictures are inside — probably 25-30 of them.
From what I can tell, quite a few different people are in the pictures. The first picture I see is striking. I see only the face of an attractive woman (around 30 years old) with short, coal-black hair.
I continue looking at the other pictures and see many different people. I do not know where these pictures originated. When I opened the package and first saw the pictures, I had thought the envelope would contain pictures which I myself had taken somewhere, but I do not recognize any of these pictures. I try to remember when I was in Algiers, but I cannot remember having ever been in Algiers. So these pictures are confusing me. I finally reach the conclusion that this envelope has been sent to me by mistake.
I look at the address on the front of the envelope and see that it contains the name of a street where I used to live. Besides that, the numbers of the street are different from the actual numbers of my old address. Clearly, this envelope has been delivered to me by mistake. I am also unsure of the date the envelope was sent, but it seems as if it might have been sent a year or so ago.
I am sure that the person who took these pictures would like to have them. The more I look at the pictures, the more it seems as if I am able to see the pictures on a computer screen, and I conclude that I have the means of contacting via the internet the people in the pictures.
I am trying to figure out how I could contact these people to discover who is the owner of the pictures. I think I could simply send a copy of one of the pictures to all the people whom I am able to connect. I would use the first picture I saw — the one with the black-haired woman. In the letter I send with the picture, I will ask if anyone knows who this woman is. I think that someone will surely answer. Then I will eventually be able to deduce to whom the pictures belong, and I will be able to deliver the pictures to the rightful owner.
Commentary of 30 May 2020
So many faces in the world and yet I know so few.
boldly journey in
your dreaming mind to foreign
lands outside of time
Picture: The Women of Algiers, 1834
Credit: Eugène Delacroix

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