Dream of: 27 May 2020 "Communicating With The Dead"   

I am in a car with my paternal grandfather Liston (1897-1966). A woman who is his wife and children who are his are also in the car. I would guess that Liston is around 40 years old. The children are young and I also seem to be young. We are taking a daytrip and are headed to a lake near Ashland, Kentucky. On the way, I begin talking with Liston and I ask him questions about himself. I realize that I do not know much about Liston — I do not even know when he was born. I ask him where he was born, and he answers, "Ashland, Kentucky."

I find this interesting and I ask him how long he lived there. When he says he lived in a big house, I picture a two-story frame house in my mind. He says he lived there for "twenty-four" years. I had no idea of this before.

When we arrive at the lake, we all step out of the car in front of a grassy area which stretches out in front of us. Liston has a box with him about the size of a typewriter box. I myself have a little metal box. I take Liston's box from him and I put my little box inside his box. Liston also has some little animals which I put inside his box.

I am standing on top of a green levy. Other people are nearby. A festive spirit is in the air and everyone seems to be having a good time. A woman has a little box similar to my box, and she sets it down on top of the levy. Her box rolls off the top of the levy and rolls down the side until he hits the leg of a man who is standing at the bottom of the levy. The man grabs his leg as if he has been severely injured, falls down, and begins clutching his leg as if he is in severe pain.

Liston had also set his box down on top of the levy. Fearing that Liston's box might also be knocked off the top of the levy, roll down the side, and hurt someone at the bottom, I pick up Liston's box and tell him that his box might also roll down the levy.

I tell the others that we cannot leave the box here. Besides, I am worried about the little animals inside the box. I wonder what will happen to them. Maybe they will become hot inside the box and die. I do not want to carry the box around all day, but I do not know what to do with it.

The others sit down in the grass and begin talking with someone whom Liston apparently knows. I figure if Liston is from this area, he probably knows many people here.

Commentary of 29 May 2020

I seem to be a different person in my dreams from the person I am in real life.

the secret of life

may be revealed in dreams to

those who search therein

Picture: My grandfather Liston, circa 1914-1918

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