Dream of: 26 May 2020 "Playful Monsters" 


I am in the apartment of a fellow who is a friend. An attractive, thin, brown-haired woman (probably in her 20s) is also present. My friend and I are a few years older than she is. The three of us are apparently going to spend the evening together. I speak with her and during the conversation, she uses the word "cock." I immediately say, "You are a nasty one, aren't you."

From the intonation of my voice, she immediately infers that the other fellow had previously told me that she was "a nasty one." I had intoned my words that way because I wanted to give the impression that the fellow had indeed told me this.

Everything is being said in good humor, and I was just making a joke about her being "nasty." She likewise is enjoying the joke and we are all convivial and having a good time together. She is ready to confront the other fellow in a friendly way for having told me that she was "nasty."

As we move around the apartment, I notice a peculiar painting hanging in the kitchen. It is a tall narrow painting which is only about five centimeters wide and over a meter tall. The painting is colorful and seems to depict playful monsters in animated form. I think I recognize the painting as being done by an artist whose works I have seen before on the covers of books. I look for the artist's signature at the bottom of the painting, and I think I see some letters, but I cannot quite make them out. At one point, I think the letters might be "K.K.K.," but then conclude that those are not the letters. I am looking for a specific signature, but I do not see it, and so I remain uncertain whether this is the artist who I thought it was.

I remark that I have never noticed this painting here before, and I wonder if the fellow had the painting in storage and dug it out. I ask him if he ever has had a painting in storage without realizing who the artist was until he pulled it out of storage, and then realized that the painting was by an artist whom he admired.

I stand back up straight after bending over to look for the signature. Feeling a need to relieve myself, I head for the bathroom.

Commentary of 26 May 2020

How rich are those who find art within their dreams. 

many treasures stored

in the mind may be waiting

to be brought to light


Picture: The Garden of Earthly Delights, inner right wing (Hell)

Credit: Hieronymus Bosch, between 1480 and 1505

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