Dream of: 24 May 2020 "Dealing With Dementia"  


My mother (1931-2015) is married to Donald Trump. They own some property together, and Trump wants to sell a particular house from that property. He wants me to sign a document which would give him permission to sell the house. I had intended to sign the paper, but the more I think about it, I ponder the fact that my mother has Alzheimer's, and I am unsure that I should simply allow Trump to sell the property without ascertaining that my mother knows what is taking place.

I sit down with my mother who is sitting right in front of me and facing me. She has dark brown hair and looks about 50 years old. I tell her that she has Alzheimer's, and I explain to her, as best I can, what is taking place. She seems to understand what I am saying.

I finally decide that the best way to proceed is to prepare a document in which I write down everything that I just said to my mother. I will then read the document back to her and have her sign the document in front of a notary public. She seems to have understood what I said. I think as long as she understands what is transpiring, it will be acceptable to proceed with the transfer of the property.

I tell Trump what I am going to do. He does not seem happy about it, but he seems to grudgingly accede to my plan. I also mention to Trump that it may be possible to auction the property instead of selling it the way he is talking about. I am aware that Trump and my mother own several other pieces of property together. I explained this fact to my mother when I was talking with her. It seems like an auction may be a fairer way of disposing of the property. I tell Trump that we may auction the property.

Commentary of 25 May 2020

Life often seems like a long trial ending on the judgment day.

the eternal core

of one's soul remains unchanged

by fire or ice

Picture: My mother, circa 1975

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