Dream of: 23 May 2020 (2) "Distracted From Mission"  


Another fellow and I are both in the Navy and we are dressed in white officers navy uniforms. Both of us are probably in our early 30s. We are in a foreign country and are visiting a place which seems like a nightclub. Some women are here, and my companion becomes interested in one of the women. He does not want to leave, but I know that we need to return to ship because we have orders to do something.

I convince the fellow to walk outside with me. I think we need to rest before we go on the mission which we must accomplish. My companion, however, wants to stay here. He seems to want to throw caution to the wind. I am determined, however, that we must return to the ship right now. I say, "We need some rest."

Commentary of 24 May 2020

My attraction to women has probably proven to be the biggest distraction from spiritual goals which I might have had in life.

being given a

mission in life imposes

definite duties

Picture: USS Nimitz (Nov. 3, 2003)

Credit: U.S. Navy Photographers Mate 3rd Class Elizabeth Thompson, 3 November 2003, 06:00:37

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