Dream of: 23 May 2020 "Transfer Of Title"   

My nephew David (around 40 years old) needs to transfer to someone the title to a piece of real property which he owns. Since I am working in a law office, I have undertaken the task of preparing the documents for the transfer, a task which I have already completed. Numerous documents are involved and it seems as if I may have prepared as much as a thousand pages of type-written pages for the transfer.

The set of documents which I have compiled have been prepared by using templates of documents created by other lawyers. As I look over my documents, I see one document which has mistakes and needs to be redone. Suddenly, however, as I look over the documents, I experience a startling realization: David is still married to his wife, Renee! Although David and Renee are in the process of obtaining a divorce, the divorce is not yet finalized, and they are still married.

I know that the real property which David is transferring is owned solely by David. I also realize, however, that under Ohio law, the wife has a "dowry" interest in property owned by the husband, and that this dowry interest must also be transferred in the deed. I abruptly realize that I am going to have to completely redo all the documents and include Renee in the deed and other documents. I will even have to have her signature notarized.

Since the closing ceremony for the transfer of the deed is scheduled to occur soon, I need to hasten to redo the entire package of documents. This will require an enormous amount of work, but it must be done.

Commentary of 23 May 2020

Reincarnation or rebirth into a spiritual realm are the only two meaningful possibilites for the destiny of the human soul after death of the physical body. Yet I see no absolute proof of either of these possibilites being reality. These are the kind of logical thoughts which make me warry of oblivion of the soul upon death of the body.

the power of land

on the human psyche can

hardly be denied 

Picture: The Catskills, 1859

Credit: Asher Brown Durand

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