Dream of: 18 May 2020 "Owning Arby's"   

I am talking with an old male friend whom I seem to have known since grade school (he somewhat resembles both Gary Altizer and Roger Anderson). We are sitting at a square table and he is seated on the side to my left. He mentions that he recently bought Arby's. I ask him if he means that he bought some stock in the Arby's restaurant corporation, but he says he bought the entire company.

My old friend's brother walks in and sits down in the chair across from me. He seems to support what my old friend is saying about buying Arby's. I contemplate that Arby's is a giant chain and must be worth a fortune. I almost feel as if I should bend down on my knee and kiss the hand of my old friend, or perform some similar reverence. Still totally astonished, I blurt out something like, "How many damn stores does Arby's own."

He looks as if he is calculating in his mind how many stores Arby's actually owns.

Commentary of 19 May 2020

Slaughterhouses shelter mankind's horrendous crime.

the concept of love

can also be applied to

sentient animals

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