Dream of: 17 May 2020 "A Gathering Of Heirs"   

I awaken in a bed where I have been sleeping. I know that I am in a cottage which I and some other heirs have inherited. I am lying on my back. To my left, under a cover, is a dead body curled up almost in a fetal position. I know that the body has been there for a long time and I am surprised that no odor is emanating from the body. It seems macabre that I am lying in bed with a dead body.

I finally stand up and look around the house. Probably 50 other heirs are also packed into the house, and other dead bodies are also in the house. I am concerned about the bodies because I do not know how long they have been here nor why they have not been dealt with.

A car pulls up outside. All the heirs walk outside and they all cram into a car. I do not see how it is possible that so many people could fit into that car, but somehow they do it right before my eyes. They leave and I am left with my concerns about what to do with these dead bodies.  

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