Dream of: 16 May 2020 "Devil's Advocate"   

I am sitting in a large dining hall filled with people sitting at rows and rows of tables. As I sit here, a piece of paper is passed toward me from person to person on my right. When the paper reaches me, I look at it and see a vertical column of a half dozen or more numbers and letters hand-written in gray pencil.

I instinctively know that this note has been sent to me by a woman who is sitting at a table in front of me two rows away. She is not looking at me, but I have a good view of her. She is probably in her late 20s, has brown hair, and is thin. I look at the numbers and letters and joke that she did not say anything about how "good-looking" I am in her note.

I think that this note has something to do with religion, and that this woman is trying to recruit me to join her religion. I know that I am not interested in doing that, and I think that — as a joke — I may write the words "Devil's Advocate" on the note as a description of myself and send the note back to her.

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