Dream of: 15 May 2020 "Floating Books"   

I am lying on my back. My sister is lying next to me on my left. She moves so her head is next to me on my stomach. As I put my hand on her shoulder, I think to myself that I hardly ever touch her. Just being close to her feels good.

I begin thinking about how I write my dreams and post them on Facebook. I reflect that I generally am not close to people in my dreams and that that lack of closeness is reflected in the dreams which I post. People appear in my dreams, but I am not close to them. I specifically think about Jane (whom I have known since we started the tenth grade together in 1967). I reflect that generally I simply accept my lack of closeness to people in my dreams and publish my dreams without much thought of this. I think in the future, I may try to change and be nicer to people in general, and to the people who appear in my dreams.

I become aware that I am in the old Gallia County Farmhouse. Even though I seem to be inside, right in front of where I am lying, I see a body of water which looks like a pond or lake. Oddly, I notice that four or five books are lying placidly on the surface of the water. I know that some books are here in the Farmhouse, and I think that these books may have come out of the Farmhouse. The books do not appear to be damaged. One of them is open with the pages clearly visible. I say to my sister, "I wonder what all those books are out there."

I think I may stand up and retrieve the books from the water.

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