Dream of: 11 May 2020 (2) "Foundry Street"  

I am walking around a large hardware store. Hardly any customers are in the store, but five women (probably in their early 20s) who work here begin trying to help me find something. I also am probably in my early 20s. All the women seem interested in me and we flirt with each other.

A man (around 40 years old) who apparently works here steps upon the scene. I am unsure that he appreciates my taking up the time of the women. He tells me that he is leaving and that he will give me a ride if I want it. I know that I am walking and that I need to travel a good distance to reach downtown, so I could use a ride. However, I am having such a good time with the women, I decline the man's offer.

Just as the man is ready to leave, however, I change my mind. I do not want to walk all that distance when I finish here. I tell the man that I will go with him and to just give me two minutes.

When I finally walk outside, one of the women comes with me. She is a slight, plain woman. I learn that she is soon going to marry. Nevertheless, I feel attracted to her, and I feel as if I may want to marry her myself. I ask her if she would marry me if I would ask her. She does not say so specifically, but she lets me know that she would marry me if I would ask.

I think to myself that I like her, but she is rather plain and not the kind of woman that I would like to marry. Besides, I perceive another specific problem and I tell her that "I cannot live in the United States."

I know she does not understand what I am saying, but she says she does understand. I reply, "No, you don't."

I do not think she understands my feeling that I must live somewhere outside the United States. I think that would be a hard thing for her to accept.

We ride around the streets of a residential area with snow on the ground. I look for the white, two-story, frame house where I live right now. I know the house is on "Foundry Street." I tell the woman the name of the street. We already seem to be on Foundry Street, but I do not see the house anywhere. She pulls out a map, looks at it, and says that the house is right here where we are.

I look toward the end of the street where the street makes a sharp bend to the right. I think we are on the right street but I still do not see the house.

Commentary of 12 May 2020

I feel as if I should move on but I am so welded to the spot where I am that leaving seems more and more like an insurmountable challenge.

try to be happy

where you are even if it's

not where you should be 

Picture: From Fra Burmeister og Wain's Iron Foundry, 1885

Credit: Peder Severin Krøyer

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