Dream of: 09 May 2020 "Truck Out Of Control"  

I am visiting my brother-in-law who is living in my Seventeenth Street House (a two-story frame house in Portsmouth, Ohio where I lived from 2006 to 2017).

I have brought with me a big dump truck which I have parked in the driveway. My brother-in-law leaves for a moment, and somehow, the truck starts moving by itself. I realize that my brother-in-law has an electronic key to the truck in his pocket and that he has accidentally turned the truck on. The truck squeezes through a space between the House and a wooden fence. I holler, "Dave! Dave!"

I chase after the truck and find that it has ended up in the yard of the neighbor, Bill. The truck has scraped against a pane of glass sitting beside the neighbor's house and has chipped the glass. Bill is leaning out an upper window and looking at the damage, but he does not seem concerned.

I see that the truck has ended up with one wheel on top of a wooden covering over the pool in Bill's yard. It looks as if the board is almost ready to break. I am afraid the truck will then fall into the pool. I again holler, "Dave! Dave!" for my brother-in-law to come and help me move the truck, but I am unsure that he hears me.

Finally, he answers. I can see over the fence that he has started a fire in the back yard for some reason. Finally, I see him coming. He has an exasperated look on his face as if I am calling him for no reason. I am sure he will change his opinion once he sees what has happened with the truck.  

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