Dream of: 04 May 2020 (2) "Telling A Dream"  

I have arrived at a small room with a blue tint in a government building in a small town. A meeting will take place today of several government officials. A fellow I know was not able to attend the meeting, so he asked me to come here.

Different people come and go in the room. I see some women talking to men dressed in suits. I think those people may belong to the opposite party to which I belong. I am unsure, but I think that I may only be wearing a brown tee shirt, so I feel a bit uncomfortable among these men dressed in suits.

I do not even know for sure what I am supposed to say here, until I finally remember that I am supposed to tell one of my dreams. This idea, however, is vague in my mind because I do not even know how a telling of my dream would be perceived.

Besides that, my mind is completely blank. It seems as if I had several dreams last night, but right now I do not remember anything. My mind is a complete blank. So I am nervous about what I am going to say.

A fellow who knows me appears. He may be a local attorney. Since I think that he may also plan to tell a dream, I ask him to go first. I think if I first hear him tell a dream, then I will have a better idea of what I am going to say.

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