Dream of: 04 May 2020 "Threatening Men at the Door"  

My sister and I are on the ground floor of the Gay Street House (a stately Victorian house in Portsmouth, Ohio where my father lived from 1965 to 1997) when I hear a knock at the door. I am expecting my old highschool friend, Steve Buckner (1952-2012) to visit me here today, but I really do not want to see him right now. I can see his figure through the translucent door-window, but he cannot see me. I do not want Steve to know that I am in here, and I tell my sister to be quiet.

I finally walk over to the door, open it, and see two men (each about 30 years old) standing outside on the porch. I do not recognize either of them. They seem threatening. I have a hand gun in my hand. I point the gun at the men and I pull the trigger. Only water comes out of the gun.

I quickly try to shut the door, but I am unable to shut it all the way. The door is pushed all the way open and I see two more men on the porch. They all seem threatening and they are obviously going to come inside whether I like it or not. 

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