Dream of: 03 May 2020 "Leaky Roof"  

I own the Gay Street House (a stately Victorian house in Portsmouth, Ohio where my father lived from 1965 to 1997). I have allowed some people to live in a couple of the upstairs rooms. I have not been taking care of the House and leaks have developed in the roof. While I am at the House, a big storm begins, and I see leaks all over the place. It is a disaster. I realize that I am going to have to repair the leaks. I think I will have to enlist the aid of my old helpers, Alfred and Wayne. All three of us will climb up on the roof and start working. I continue walking around the House and looking at the water falling in.

I also realize that I need to repair leaks in the roof of my Stanton Avenue House (a six-room brick cottage which I bought in New Boston, Ohio in 2017). I reflect that I plan on selling that House.

Alfred and I start walking around the outside of the Gay Street House as I try to decide where I should first start working on the roof. Since someone is living in the upstairs room on the north side of the House, I decide I will first work on the roof over that room.

I think about how much this is going to cost. If I pay Alfred and Wayne $10 an hour and we work eight hours a day, it will cost me $160 per day.

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