Dream of: 02 May 2020 "Selling Books"  

I own hundreds of books which I want to dispose of. I notice several science fiction paperbacks with colorful covers among the books. I take cardboard boxes filled with the books to a bookstore where I hope to sell them.

While I am in the store, the store comes under new management. A fellow walks in and begins rearranging everything in the store with the help of several people who are working for him. At first I am not happy with the new arrangement, but finally I can see that the new arrangement is better. The people take the books, which  I have brought in, out of the boxes and stack them up so the books can be seen. I notice that I have brought in many coffee table books.

When the new arrangement has been accomplished, the store begins filling up with people buying books. It looks as if the new arrangement will work out better, although I am still unsure how I will be paid for my books because my books are mixed in with the other books in the store.

I see the same copy of several books. Some books are stacked on the floor. Several stacks of books on the floor almost look as if they are arranged in the form of a swastika, but then I notice a couple extra arms in the arrangement so the arrangement does not actually look like a swastika.

I am still unsure how I will be paid. I think  technology must exist whereby a little micro dot could be placed on my books so that when the books were sold, the tally would show which books were mine. I know that such a technology is not used here in the store at the present, but I think it is a possibility in the future.

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