Dream of: 28 April 2020 "Wasting Ink And Paper"  

I seem to be in the residential 1600 block of Mabert Road in Portsmouth, Ohio. I am sitting at a little desk which has been set up on the sidewalk. The desk belongs to a female friend (about 30 years old). A small computer screen about twenty centimeters wide is lying flat on the desk. I ask my friend if I can use the computer and she says that I can.

I want to access my brokerage account on the screen. I do not have my phone number with me, but I think I will still be able to access my account without the actual account number. I simply need to type the word "INSTA" into the address bar plus the numbers of my driver's license number. I type in the word "INSTA" but I cannot remember my driver's license number.

I start thinking, "What if a person doesn't have a driver's license? How would they open an account?" I think that some people, like crippled people, do not have a driver's license, but I think everyone has an identification number. If a person does not have a driver's license, then the person has an identification number. I think a person must have one or the other.  

I am about to abandon my effort when the woman walks up to me. Now I see that she is actually my sister. She is standing in a dress beside me on my left. She looks ravishing, even though she is heavier than usual. Her breasts are too large, but I still find her enticing. As she stands close to me, I move my face toward her. Other people are standing around, and I do not want anyone to see, but I touch her with my cheek. She steps back. She does not seem to mind, but she does not want to do this right here in public.

I turn back to the computer and press a button. Little square pieces of paper 7-8 cm wide shoot out the bottom of the computer. The information on the screen is being printed out. I do not want to do this. I press another button to stop the paper, but even more pieces of printed papers shoot out. Around a dozen pieces of paper are printed. I try to search for information to stop the printing. I say, "You're wasting ink and paper."

I finally lay the papers over to the side. I see that the last sheet of paper has a long list of my sister's credit cards with the account numbers. I see "Master Card." I think this paper should be destroyed. I show it to her and say, "You want to get rid of this."

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