Dream of: 26 April 2020 (2) "Reaching The End"  

 Michelle has been released from jail. She looks as if she is probably in her late 20s. She and I go to my mother's home which seems like the Logan Street House (a five-room cottage in Portsmouth, Ohio where my mother lived from 1971 to 1977). Before I know it, a specific one of Michelle's girlfriends shows up and together they go into the bathroom. I immediately feel sure that they are in there using drugs.

When Michelle walks out of the bathroom, she looks clean and is well-dressed. She does not look high, but I can tell that she has been using some drugs. I am unsure if she injected herself in the bathroom or what. I am surprised that she has started using drugs again so fast. I had been expecting that she might start using again, but I hoped that she would not. I am very angry.

She is going to go somewhere. Another woman shows up to see Michelle. I am standing outside in front of the house, but I can hear them talking inside. I sit by a window and try to hear what Michelle is saying. I hear her say something about a black fellow's "bank account" to which she apparently has access. It is not clear, but apparently some money is in the account. She is going to use that money. She also apparently has a house which she can use. I hear her talking to people on the phone and inviting them to her house. She says something about "five beds," but I do not know what she is talking about. I wish I had a stethoscope so I could ascend to an upstairs room, put it on the floor, and listen to what she is saying.

I think she does not have any sense. Charges are still pending in the case against her, and she will have to return to court. In the meantime, she is not going to be tested for drugs, so she thinks she can get away with using. I know that this is going to end up bad and that she is going to end up going to prison for a long time. I also know that there is nothing I can do now to convince her not to do this. I simply resign myself to the inevitable.

In a way, I am relieved because I have been giving her some money while she is in jail to help her out. I will not do that any more, now that I see that she just starts using again once she is out of jail. I am sure she will be sent back to jail and that she will then call me again. This time I will not help her. This is the end.  

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