Dream of: 26 April 2020 "Touching A Spirit"  

I am with a group of perhaps 100 people who are sitting in seats and waiting in a building which seems like a bus or plane terminal. I do not know any of these people. I do not even know how I arrived here. I talk with someone about who these people are and whether they only speak English or whether they speak other languages. I finally blurt out, "They speak other languages."

Some of them look foreign, like Chinese or Asiatic. I think we are all going to be taken somewhere, but I do not know where. I do not know exactly what is transpiring.

It seems as if a woman is with me who is attached to me. I talk with her about the situation. We sit and wait.

I have a rifle with me which I lean against a chair next to me. I think the rifle will be taken away, but I am not yet sure of that.

Finally, Jim Shaw (with whom I first came in contact in 1964 when we were both in the seventh grade) walks in. He looks around 30 years old. He walks to me, sits down next to me, and lays his head in my lap. As he is going through these motions, I reach out and try to touch him, but my hand goes right through him as if he is a ghost or spirit.

He looks like himself. His hair is pure blond. He has a blissfully innocent air about him. I talk to the other person about Shaw. I recall that Shaw and I were enemies in junior high and high school. I almost feel like saying that "we hated each other," but I do not say that because it sounds so harsh. I remember that Shaw and I used to have fist fights when we were in junior high school. Now I do not feel the antagonistic emotion toward him. Now I feel more of a neutral emotion.

Shaw's eyes are closed as his head is lying on my lap so his face is turned toward me. The other person tentatively touches Shaw on his shoulder to see if he is solid. Yes, he is now solid. I also try to touch him again and I discover that he is solid.

I am not sure what this means, but it is interesting.

Commentary 27 April 2020

Making peace with the past sometimes takes a lifetime.


beings are rarely seen in

the physical world




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