Dream of: 02 February 2020 "Structuring Tasks"    

 I am working on a house-renovation project and I have around ten men working for me. I have given each man a little task to perform. After we have worked quite a while, each man has brought me a little black and white picture of the task which he was assigned to perform. I intend to look at the pictures, but I do not do so until the end of the day.

I then call the men together and tell them that in the future, when they complete their tasks, they should immediately bring me the picture of the completed task, and that they should make sure that I actually ascertain that the task has been completed. I need to do this immediately when the tasks are completed because the tasks are supposed to be done in a certain sequence, and I need to ascertain that each little project which I assign is completed in sequence. I know that if one of the tasks is not completed properly, it could cause an unfortunate ripple of adverse effects in the renovation. I want to make this clear. I know it was my fault, and not theirs, that I did not immediately review their pictures today. Now I simply want to make sure that they understand that, in the future, they must make me aware of what they have done as soon as they complete the task.

 Commentary of 02 February 2020

The more structured my life is, the more I seem to accomplish. This is a lesson which I have still not quite learned.

the ability

of mind to create art from

chaos seems divine

Picture:  Rubin's Galaxy, 232 light years from the Milky Way, 06 January 2020

Credit: NASA, ESA, and B. Holwerda (University of Louisville)

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