Dream of: 01 February 2020 "Flying Fun"    

 I am on the old, 386-acre, hilly Gallia County Farm. My father (1932-2016) is here. He looks about 40 years old. He is sitting in the cockpit of a little, yellow plane which is 3-4 meters long. I am seeing the world from his vantage point as he pilots the little, single-seat plane - which is actually more like a glider - all around the area at the bottom of the hills behind the Farmhouse. Although my father no longer lives on the Farm, he apparently plans to come here sometimes on weekends and fly the plane.

He peacefully glides around the area until he reaches two buildings which are close together. He flies toward the opening between them, and banks his wings as he flies through. I am unsure that he knows what he is doing and I fear he may crash. I anxiously ask, "What are you doing?"

When he exits the other side of the opening, I see electric wires strung through the air right in front of us. He skillfully flies under the wires, then over some other wires. He exhibits proficient skill at flying the plane, and I have the feeling that he has done this before.

For myself, flying this plane seems like fun! I think I might like to try to fly the plane myself sometime. Yet I do not know if I am ready for that yet since I have not had any practice flying on my own.

 Commentary of 01 February 2020

Besides feeling that I am being tested in this life, I have the feeling that I should be making some preparation for the afterlife. I have long thought that dreams may be similar to the afterlife, but maybe I am wrong about that. Maybe the afterlife is indeed reincarnation. In terms of reincarnation, it seems like preparation might at least influence the choice of bodies for my next life. Not sure about that either.

only afterlife

lends possibility of

meaning for this life 

Picture: Leroy Collier, 1978

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