Dream of: 27 January 2020 "Tested"    

 I awaken from sleep in the middle of the night. My wife is lying asleep in the room. I look into the neighboring room and see a man pass through that room. I stand up and go into the other room where I find one of my old professors (probably in his 70s) from law school. He is pilfering through my possessions. I realize that he has found a little glass bowl with a small amount of marijuana in it. I immediately think this is going to cause me problems, but at least he did not find one of Michelle's needles in the house - that would have been really bad. I start talking with him about what he found. He sits down in a chair and leans back. I ask him if he will notify me if he is going to do anything about this, and he says he will let me know, but I do not trust him.

At some point, I think I could tell him that some states have already legalized marijuana, but I realize that would not do any good because Texas is such a conservative state.

He stands up and leaves. I follow him on a narrow road up a hill. As we ascend the road, I look down to my right into a gully, and I see what looks like an animal at the bottom. When I think I hear someone singing, I think the animal might actually be a person.

Since I know that I can fly, I jump off the edge of the road and exhilaratingly swoop down to the bottom of the gully. Now I clearly see several large lions, including one shaggy maned lion. I fly only a few feet off the ground, and the lions start moving toward me. As I fly along the gully back toward the road, I see several people along the side of the road. They seem to be searching for something in the weeds, and I think they may be archaelogists. As I fly past them, I holler, "There's lions up ahead!"

They do not pay any attention to me and I continue flying until I reach the road again near the bottom of the hill. This time when I start flying back up the road toward the professor - who now is far ahead of me - I encounter huge rocks and boulders in the road which no longer even looks like a road. I have to use all my strength to fly over the boulders.

When I reach the top, I enter a room which has a large window on one side. I push the window open on its hinges, and I look down below into a square courtyard with walls on all four sides. I am three or four stories high. I see the professor down below in the courtyard. I think he must also have the ability to fly because obviously he has flown down into the courtyard.

Thinking I still need to follow him, I begin imagining how I am going to fly down into the courtyard. I think if I fly down there, I will need to close the window behind me. That means I will have to hover outside the window to close it. Then I will have to swoop straight down into the courtyard.

I hear the professor holler up to me and say something about a young woman (probably in her early 20s) who is in the courtyard. He says that I need to talk with her. As I continue imagining what I need to do, I find myself already in the courtyard at the bottom. I am talking with the woman. She is soliciting contributions for a charity. I figure out that this is a charity for people who beat women. I find this abhorrent. I know that I am not going to contribute to a charity for people who beat women, and I tell her so. As soon as I walk away from her, it occurs to me that this was a test by the professor to see if I would contribute to the charity. By refusing to contribute to the charity, I think I have probably passed the test.

I follow the professor until we reach the green campus of the law school. He is still walking ahead of me. Suddenly, it seems strange to me that the professor was in my house to begin with. I now remember that the same sort of thing happened just a few days ago when the local sheriff had been in my house. The sheriff had also found the very same bowl of marijuana. The sheriff did not do anything about it, and I thought that was the end of the matter. I think to myself, "I should have gotten rid of that bowl." I think I should have flushed the marijuana down the commode, but I did not because I wanted to keep it. That was a mistake.

I now realize that the sheriff went to the law school and reported me to the law school. I think I could tell the professor that I will go back and flush the marijuana, but I know it is too late now.

I do not know if anything is going to come of this, but I can just imagine all the law professors meeting to decide what to do about this matter. I am aware that they will know who I am because once before I had a problem at the law school and they all met to determine what to do about me. I am just not sure what will happen now. 

Commentary of 29 January 2020

I tend to have the feeling that life is a test which I am trying to pass. I am unsure whether I am correct about that, but that thought seems ingrained in my soul. 

first you should learn to

trust in yourself if you want

others to trust you 

Picture: Daniel in the Lion's Den, circa 1615

Artist: Peter Paul Rubens

Public Domain

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